Inspector Boo detective stories

корица Инспектор Бу
Inspector Boo Investigating Who Tried to Poison Captain Persey
корица Ягодовите кошмари
The strawberry nightmares of Inspector Boo
Marley and Carrie in the Haunt

These three detective stories have common main characters, which are animals (birds, squirrels, mole, mice), living in a forest somewhere in Bulgaria. However they do not participate all in all three stories, because the cases in the 2d and 3d book take place in different places than the forest, but reading the first book ‘Inspector Boo Investigating Who Tried to Poison Captain Persey’ will give the kid better understanding of who’s who.

Recurring characters in the books are:

Inspector Boo Inspector Boo is a middle-age owl who is known to have serious detective experience and is a brilliant crime solver. He is good observer and psychologist. He likes keeping his mind busy and to analyse everything and everyone. Inspector Boo is main character in ‘Inspector Boo Investigating Who Tried to Poison Captain Persey’ and ‘The strawberry nightmares of Inspector Boo’.

Marley Young pigeon, a Speed Flight Competitor who happen to be the one that finds captain Persey who mysteriously looses conscious during flight. Marley is intrigued by the case, as captain Persey is his coach and want to find the truth about his condition. This way he starts his parallel investigation and together with Carrie helps the police solve the case. (Book ‘Inspector Boo Investigating Who Tried to Poison Captain Persey’). This is how Marley decides to become a police officer and goes to the big city. In the book ‘Marley and Carrie in the Haunt’ the young pigeon has just finished the Police Academy and is already taking part in police investigations.

Carrie Young pigeon, a Speed Flight Competitor, the Marley partner in the Speed Flight Team, also Inspector Boo niece, she accompanies Marley in his investigation of the captain Persey case. Together with Marley she pursues a career in the Police and studies in the Police Academy. In the book ‘Marley and Carrie in the Haunt’ while on mission with Marley, Carrie is kidnapped by a villain who has plan to spread a virus among the species. Although the bad guys try to kidnap Marley too, he manages to escape and goes on the rescue with the help of the one wing seagull Joe and undercover agent Charlie.

Inspector Who Inspector Who is a Scotland Yard Chief Inspector who helps Inspector Boo in solving the case in the book ‘Inspector Boo Investigating Who Tried to Poison Captain Persey’. Inspector Boo and Inspector Who become friends and start organising regular friend meetings.

Miss Doxie A young writer of criminal novels. While in a Brighton beach hotel where Inspector Boo was on vacation she starts claiming that something suspicious was going on in the hotel, so she starts calling the local policemen to investigate the case. This is how she attracts Inspector’s Boo attention and they finally end investigating a serious organised crime.

And many others…

Inspector Boo Investigating Who Tried to Poison Captain Persey (plot)

One evening on his fly home, Marley is hit by a falling body. It turns out to be captain Persey, who is Marley’s and Carrie’s coach in high speed flying. The captain is unconscious and his feathers are covered with a suspicious black substance of unknown origin. A police investigation starts, leaded by Inspector Boo and Fasty (policemen, sparrow). Parallelly, Marley and Carrie decide to lead their own investigation, as to help for the quicker resolution of the case.

Captain Persey’s traces lead to the river pool where he is known to have gone for a rest after a long day.

Different animals are questioned and contradictory information is gathered, but finally the police gets to the local herbalist Mrs. Mousy who is accused of having thrown illegal substances in the river and thus poisoned the water. Although scared Mrs. Mousy refuses to have harmed anyone, but admits his nephews (two rats) to have thrown some tea leaves in the river.

Meanwhile the black substance remains unknown and is sent for analysis to the UK police.

At the same time the squirrels Rixie and Pixie come to the hospital for not feeling well. They too have something blackish on their hands, but first no-one notices.

Inspector Who from Scotland Yard calls Inspector Boo to inform him of the results of the substance analysis., that turns out to be petrol. A quick reaction is needed to stop the spill in the river as to prevent other animals to be harmed.

It turns out that some people who had picnic in the area had left a petrol tube with some liquid in it. The tube was found by Rixie and Pixie who out of curiosity unscrew the tube cap. When they had their hands dirty, they got scared and threw the tube near the water. This way the substance got into the water and harmed captain Persey.

The two squirrels got punished, although the real perpetrator of the criminal act was never sanctioned.

The strawberry nightmares of Inspector Boo (plot)

Inspector Boo is on a vacation in Brighton (the UK resort), as after the case with captain Persey, he became friend with Inspector Who from Scotland Yard and they started paying visits to each other. Together with his wife he is staying in a small family hotel, famous for the strawberry cakes, served in its cafeteria. After some days his wife decides to visit her sister in London and Inspector Boo is left alone and miserable.

Only an hour after his wife left, he notices that something interesting is happening in the hotel. A young lady, called Ms. Doxie, who is also staying in the hotel has signalled the local policemen of strange noises heard at night, coming from the hotel attic. As there seems that the attic is unreachable, because there is no visible entrance to it, nobody believes Ms. Doxie is telling the truth. Neither is Inspector Boo at the beginning.

Being Inspector Boo an early bird, he starts noticing that every morning around 5:30 a suspicious truck is parked in front of the hotel and some carefully packed goods are loaded. Gradually, Inspector Boo and Ms. Doxie start considering the hypothesis that some criminal actions are taking place into the hotel. The investigation takes them to the warehouse of a logistic company in Hastings.

Surprsingly they find the traces of an organised criminal group for money forfeiture, distributing them in whole Europe through the port of Dover. In this way they help Inspector Who and the UK police solve a huge mystery.

Marley and Carrie in the Haunt (plot)

While on a mission Marley and Carrie, the newly finished their studies police detectives, are assaulted. Carrie disappears mysteriously, but Marley manages to escape his attackers. He starts his own investigation to find Carrie, as he is worried that if he officially informs the police of the kidnapping things may get worse and slowed down. He sees some friends asking for help (Joe the Seagull and undercover detective Charlie).

While looking for some clues, Marley gets to a place called The Haunt, known as a place were criminals and suspicious types gathers, full of locals and dirty places. He pretends to be a lost miserable student, looking for some job. This way he enters a local, owned by a criminal that he hopes would lead him to Carrie.

Meanwhile it turns out the Carries is not the only one kidnapped in town and that many other animals suffer the same destiny as hers. They are all locked in a basement and Carrie tries to safe them, but unfortunately they are all gassed and loose conscious.

Marley thinks he almost know the answer where and how to find Carrie when gets hit on the head and locked in a dark basement. When he regains conscious he tries finding something useful to cut his rope. This way he finds some glass bottles which he breaks to use the glass. Then he founds a small bottle that he instinctively puts into his pocket when he hears someone coming.

He manages to escape. When outside he comes to Charlie and Joe who are looking for him and tell him that the police luckily has found the missing animals left on a field nearby but that they are poisoned with unknown substance.

Then Marlie thinks of the bottle in his pocket, that turns out to be the poisonous substance itself, but this helps the doctors find the anti-dot.

Everyone is saved.

Tsveta Belcheva is a self-publishing author of children books.  She writes children stories (‘I want to be…/Stories of friendship and other stuff’), juvenile fiction novels (‘Tiny mouse in a big adventure’), detective stories (‘Inspector Boo series’) and educational novels (‘The Body Talks’).

In 2018 her book ‘The Body Talks’ is awarded 1st prize in category ‘The thing-searchers’, The Magic Pearl award’ (; Detskiknigi Foundation), given by the children of Bulgaria.

All the books of Tsveta Belcheva are available in the Bulgarian Storytel (audio books format).

Mother of three boys she wants to help children love books and thrive for adventure.

If interested in publishing our books, represent Tsveta Belcheva internationally or just want to get more information, please feel free to contact us on e-mail:

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