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The book ‘I want to be…/ Fifteen stories of friendship’ of the author Tsveta Belcheva is comprised of fifteen bedtime stories that invite children to be good to others, teach them right and wrong, asks them to care about Mother Nature and to be responsible of their own actions and inactions.

The illustrations are made by Radostina Peneva (Radostina on Behance).

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The Frog and the Butterfly

A queen Frog and a beautiful Butterfly dream to take each other’s place. But what happens when change occurs will surprise kids and will teach them that we should not envy others for the thing they have.

The secret friend

A boy dreams of having a pet. One day after school he sees a cute street puppy. After playing for some time together, the boy has to go home, but the puppy follows his. So the boy takes the risk to take the puppy home and hide it from his parents…

How Trollsy learned not to leave today’s work for tomorrow

Trollsy enjoys life, but he doesn’t like wasting it cleaning the house or chopping the wood for the fireplace. He lets things be just the way they are, hoping that someone else will do the hard work instead of him. Finally, destiny comes to play, but has Trollsy learned the lesson?

Quarrel in the kitchen

Pot and Pan are cousins but they keep arguing who’s more important in kitchen than the other.

The best dad

Mr. Magpie is becoming dad for the first time and Mrs. Magpie sends him look for some food for the newborn. But does a father-to-be is aware of what is good for kids?

At the sea with Mum

Two little turkeys go on a vacation by the sea with Mum. They have a lot of fun at the beginning, but after some time they get bored and want to make their mother take them home. To do so they invent a plan to get sick on purpose, but actually they end up in hospital. This way they learn that lying is bad and they apologise to their mum for having worried her that much.

The storyteller

A storyteller, known to tell kids a new story every day, ends up loosing his creativity. As children get upset, he decides to visit an old friend who is an inventor. This way he gets a machine that is helping him write. The machine is working for some time, but then it seems to have broken. When he goes back to the inventor it turns out that the machine wasn’t real and it has always been the storyteller’s imagination to work, but as he had stopped to go out and seek for adventures, he had lost his capability to invent new stories.

The love troubles of general Snotty

General Snotty is a very respected dog in town, known for being strict and fair. The beautiful Ms. Handkerchief, the owner of the Meat shop, turns to be the lady of his heart, but unfortunately every time he passes around her he starts to sneeze. Because of her name Ms. Handkerchief considers his sneezing an insult and writes him a letter to ask him to stay away from her. At the same time general Snotty decides to write her a letter to apologise to her and to confess her his feelings. Happy ending!

The big fight

A boy is staying with his grannies. One day he finds out that the biscuits they left with his grandpa on the table in the backyard had been attacked by the ants. The boy and the grandpa try saving the biscuits, but they are not very lucky, because ants had already invaded the box, so they loose the fight. So they decide to go to the local candy shop to commemorate the loss.

The Frog and the Butterfly 2

Years after the unhappy ending of the frog and the butterfly that envied each other (the first story), the story repeats itself, but this time the frog and the butterfly, having heard what happened before, decide to become friends.

The Cloud and the Mountain

Cloud stops over Mountain and starts crying. They start a conversation and the Cloud tells his story: he was once in love with the Dessert, but then the Wind came and blew him away, as Wind wanted the Dessert for himself. Years passed by but Cloud couldn’t get back and see her again.

After the third day the Cloud dissolves. Mountain tells his story to the lakes, lakes to the rivers, rivers to the seas, seas to the ocean, thus reaching the Dessert where an Oasis is born.

Tale of the mountain

The Mountain is exhausted. People have constructed roads over her body, have sticked piles and have wired her all over. They leave their trash everywhere and they doesn’t respect her. So one night she decides to stand up and just leave to a better place, where nobody would bother her.


Some kids have broken a branch of a young willow. Dr. Woodpecker goes on the rescue. After examining her together with the heart specialist Lady Ant, they can do nothing else but to cut the willow branches. Winter comes but the health condition of the willow stays unchanged. Then at the beginning of Spring, new branches are noticed to have come out. The willow is being saved.

The surprise

A tree that has served as home of some rednecks in the kindergarten yard is removed by the Principal. Nobody seems worried, but the kids. They start discussing what could possibly replace the redneck nests, so they could feel save while nesting next spring. They start collecting bird cages and construct a safe place for the birds, until a new tree is planted for them.

A bag full of accomplished dreams

A sparrow has lost his mother and goes to the clouds to seek for her. An old cloud, the keeper of the doors to the outer world tells him that his mother had worn him not to let the little sparrow pass until he didn’t have his bag full of accomplished dreams. So the sparrow starts a journey to look for dreams to be accomplished. A young cloud decides to accompany him, so they start collecting the dreams together. Years pass and one day they start feeling their bags too heavy to carry. They understand that the time has come for them to go back to the old Cloud.

Tsveta Belcheva is a self-publishing author of children books.  She writes children stories (‘I want to be…/Stories of friendship and other stuff’), juvenile fiction novels (‘Tiny mouse in a big adventure’), detective stories (‘Inspector Boo series’) and educational novels (‘The Body Talks’).

In 2018 her book ‘The Body Talks’ is awarded 1st prize in category ‘The thing-searchers’, The Magic Pearl award’ (; Detskiknigi Foundation), given by the children of Bulgaria.

Mother of three boys she wants to help children love books and thrive for adventure.

If interested in publishing our books, represent Tsveta Belcheva internationally or just want to get more information, please feel free to contact us on e-mail:

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